Field Trip Information

The Reptile Discovery Center is an ideal destination for a field trip, offering a fun, inexpensive and very educational experience.  Field trips to the Center provide participants with a comprehensive introduction to the fascinating world of reptiles.  Again and again, students and teachers have termed their visit to the Center “the best field trip ever!”

The standard agenda for a Reptile Discovery Center field trip is as follows:

Keeper Guided Tour of the Nature Trail
-  visitors tour the trail and observe alligators, tortoises, turtles, and  iguanas as a keeper feeds and explains the characteristics of animals exhibited on the trail.

Animal Encounter – staff of the center brings out animals such as baby alligators, small non-venomous snakes and lizards for visitors to hold and ask questions about in the Center's indoor exhibition area.


Venom Extraction Program – visitors witness venom being extracted from coral snakes,cottonmouths, copperheads, rattlesnakes and cobras – the program is narrated and each species of snake is discussed as it is handled

Exhibit Hall – visitors observe dozens of florida and exotic venomous and non-venomous snakes, as well as a variety of lizards and frogs in beautifully constructed natural  displays

Picnic Area – The Center has an outdoor covered picnic area which can accommodate over a hundred visitors at a sitting

Gift Shop- Cold drinks are available in the gift shop for a nomimal fee and the gift shop offers many interesting reptile-related items at a reasonable price

Most field trips run from 10am – 1pm, however, there is flexibility in scheduling and the Center adapts visits to the particular needs of any group.   A reduced group rate is available for groups of twenty or more individuals affiliated with a school, scoup troop or any other organization.  For more information, group rates or to schedule a field trip call 386-740-9143.